Down The K-Hole

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Rob E. Angelino of Angelino Media, LLC

Executive Producer

 Rob E. Angelino


Pilot Written & Produced by Sadie Katz and Directed by Myles Reiff.

Inspiration for the Series

Filmed at the $20,000,000 High House Estate in Hermosa Beach, Down the K-Hole is a hyper-autobiographical story inspired by and modeled after the real-life experiences of actor Rob E. Angelino. A fictional take on dating and life in Los Angeles, Down the K-Hole explores the dysfunctional Southern California beach city culture, mentality, family, and overall insanity of one powerful man’s struggle with powerlessness to survive and function through a midlife crisis.

About the Pilot

Rich Crawford (Rob E. Angelino), a wealthy, unhappy, conflicted Manhattan Beach, CA beauty industry businessman at his wit’s end decides to use unconventional therapy to search for truth and enlightenment and deal with a dysfunctional, complex loveless marriage. He soon finds himself being turned to the dark side at the suggestion of his best bud Sean (Kyle Lowder) seeking understanding, and quick complex encounters with wife and teens, friends, women, nurse, doctor and his buddy Sean soon follow.
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Rob E. Angelino

Rich Crawford

Kyle Lowder


Jennifer Coll

Jacklyn Crawford

Bella Sommer

Jade Crawford

Caleb Thomas

Wolfie Crawford

Augie Duke


Erika Jordan

Nurse Vikkie

Robert Rhine

Dr. Spellman

Sky Hardison


Danica Dodds


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